Selected recent publications


Kelemen, A., Tölgyesi, C., Valkó, O., Deák, B., Miglécz, T., Fekete, R., Török, P., Balogh, N., Tóthmérész, B. (2019): Density-dependent plant-plant interactions triggered by grazing. Frontiers in Plant Science 10: 876.


Kelemen A., Valkó O., Kröel-Dulay G., Deák B., Török P., Tóth K., Miglécz T., Tóthmérész B. (2016): The invasion of common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) in sandy old-fields - Is it a threat to the native flora? Applied Vegetation Science 19: 218-224.


Kelemen, A., Lazzaro, L., Besnyői, V., Albert, Á-J., Konečná, M., Dobay, G., Memelink, I., Adamec, V., Götzenberger, L., de Bello, F., Le Bagousse-Pinguet, Y., Lepš, J. (2015): Net outcome of competition and facilitation in a wet meadow changes with plant's life stage and community productivity. Preslia 87: 347-361.


Kelemen, A., Török, P., Valkó, O., Deák, B., Miglécz, T., Tóth, K., Ölvedi, T.,Tóthmérész, B. (2014): Sustaining recovered grasslands is not likely without proper management: vegetation changes after cessation of mowing. Biodiversity and Conservation 23: pp. 741-751.


Kelemen, A., Török, P., Valkó, O., Miglécz, T., Tóthmérész, B. (2013): Mechanisms shaping plant biomass and species richness: plant strategies and litter effect in alkali and loess grasslands. Journal of Vegetation Science 24: 1195-1203.

András Kelemen

PhD, Research fellow


Research interests

I have designed and carried out research in various fields of plant ecology, for example biological invasions, conservation management, functional ecology, grassland dynamics, plant-plant interactions, restoration ecology, seed bank ecology.

Recently my main interest turned towards the alien species that are still at an initial stage of their invasion, as this stage is probably the one where the invasion process can be the best tracked and stopped. I am also interested in exploring the effects of landscape level aridification, which process is currently threatening vast regions of Central-Hungary.

My research activities cover both fundamental and applied studies in these topics which have high relevance for nature conservation.