Core papers of the research group

Lukács, K., Tóth, Á., Kiss, R., Deák, B., Rádai, Z., Tóth, K., Kelemen, A., Bátori, Z., Hábenczyus, A.A., Tölgyesi, C., Miglécz, T., Godó, L., Valkó, O. (2024) The ecological footprint of outdoor activities: Factors affecting human-vectored seed dispersal on clothing. Science of the Total Environment 906: 167675.

Török, K., Valkó, O., Deák, B. (2024): Ecosystem restoration with local or broad seed provenancing: Debates and perceptions in science and practice. Biological Conservation 293: 110535.

Other papers with contributions from our group 

Mirhashemi, H., Ahmadi, K., Heydari, M., Karami, O., Valkó, O., Khwarahm, N. R. (2024): Climatic variables are more effective on the spatial distribution of oak forests than land use change across their historical range. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 196: 289.

Villasor, C., Robertson, K., Becker, T., Cahill, J. F., Deák, B., Hensen, I., Otfinowski, R., Rosche, C., Borovyk, D., Vakhlamova, T., Valkó, O., Wagner, V. (2024). Invasion success of three cool‐season grasses in the northern prairie: a test of three hypotheses. Oikos e10266.<br>


Core papers of the research group

Bátori, Z., Valkó, O., Vojtkó, A., Tölgyesi, C., Farkas, T., Frei, K., Hábenczyus, A.A., Tóth, Á., Li, G., Rádai, Z., Dulai, S., Barta, K., Erdős, L. & Deák, B. (2023): Environmental heterogeneity increases the conservation value of small natural features in karst landscapes. Science of the Total Environment 872, 162120.

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Halassy, M., Batáry, P., Csecserits, A., Török, K., Valkó, O. (2023): Meta-analysis identifies native priority as a mechanism that supports the restoration of invasion-resistant plant communities. Communications Biology 6: 1100.

Valkó, O., & Bede, Á., Rádai, Z., Deák, B. (2023): 'Sense of place' and conservation: Toponym diversity helps to maintain vegetation naturalness. People and Nature

Valkó, O., Fekete, R., Molnár V., A., Halassy, M., Deák, B. (2023): Roadside grassland restoration: Challenges and opportunities in the UN decade on ecosystem restoration. Current Opinion in Environmental Science and Health 34:100490.

Other papers with contributions from our group

Csákvári, E., Sáradi, N., Berki, B., Csecserits, A., Csonka, A.C., Paolinelli Reis, B., Török, K., Valkó, O., Vörös, M., Halassy, M. (2023): Native species can reduce the establishment of invasive alien species if sown in high density and using competitive species. Restoration Ecology 31: e13901.  https://doi-org/10.1111/rec.13901 

Endrédi-Hanny, A., Sőth, Á., Ércz, D., Deák, B., Valkó, O., Nagy J.G. (2023) Exploring life-history traits of an endangered plant (Vicia biennis L.) to support the conservation of marginal populations. Nature Conservation 54: 121-147. 

Heydari, M., Hajinia, S., Jafarian, N., Karamian, M., Mosa, Z., Asgharzadeh, S., Rezaei, N., Guidi, L., Valkó, O. & Prévosto, B. (2023): Synergistic use of biochar and the plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria in mitigating drought stress on oak (Quercus brantii Lindl.) seedlings. Forest Ecology and Management 531, 120793. 

Heydari, M., Cheraghi, J., Omidipour, R., Rostaminia, M., Kooch, Y., Valkó, O., Carcaillet, C. (2023): Tree dieback, woody plant diversity, and ecosystem driven by topography in semi-arid mountain forests: Implication for ecosystem management. Journal of Environmental Management 339: 117892. 

Tölgyesi, C., Hábenczyus, A.A., Kelemen, A., Török, P., Valkó, O., Deák, B., Erdős, L., Tóth, B., Csikós, N. & Bátori, Z. (2023): How to not trade water for carbon with tree planting in water-limited temperate biomes? Science of the Total Environment 856: 158960.


Core papers of the research group

Godó, L.Valkó, O.Borza, S., & Deák, B. (2022) A global review on the role of small rodents and lagomorphs (clade Glires) in seed dispersal and plant establishment. Global Ecology and Conservation 33, e01982.

Kiss, R., Deák, B., Tóth, K., Lukács, K., Rádai, Z., Kelemen, A., Miglécz, T., Tóth, Á., Godó, L., Valkó, O. (2022): Co-seeding grasses and forbs supports restoration of species-rich grasslands and improves weed control in ex-arable land. Scientific Reports 12, 21239.

Tóth, Á., Deák, B., Tóth, K., Kiss, R., Lukács, K., Rádai, Z., Godó, L., Borza, S., Kelemen, A., Miglécz, T., Bátori, Z., Novák, T.J. & Valkó, O. (2022) Vertical distribution of soil seed bank and the ecological importance of deeply buried seeds in alkaline grasslands. PeerJ 10, e13226.

Valkó, O., Rádai, Z. & Deák, B. (2022) Hay transfer is a nature-based and sustainable solution for restoring grassland biodiversity. Journal of Environmental Management 311, 114816.

Valkó, O., Borza, S., Godó, L., Végvári, Z., Deák, B. (2022) Eurasian crane (Grus grus) as ecosystem engineer in grasslands ‒ conservation values, ecosystem services and disservices related to a large iconic bird species. Land Degradation and Development 33, 2155-2165.

Valkó, O., Kelemen, A., Kiss, O. & Deák, B. (2022) Patch and matrix characteristics determine the outcome of ecosystem engineering by mole rats in dry grasslands. PeerJ 10: e14582. https://doi-org/10.7717/peerj.14582

Other papers with contributions from our group

Gallé, R., Korányi, D., Tölgyesi, C., Lakatos, T., Marcolin, F., Török, E., Révész, K., Szabó, Á.R., Torma, A., Gallé-Szpisjak, N., Marja, R., Szitár, K., Deák, B., & Batáry, P. (2022): Landscape-scale connectivity and fragment size determine species composition of grassland fragments. Basic and Applied Ecology 65: 39-49.

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Szitár, K., Deák, B., Halassy, M., Steffen, C., & Batáry, P. (2022): Combination of organic farming and flower strips in agricultural landscapes - A feasible method to maximise functional diversity of plant traits related to pollination. Global Ecology and Conservation 38: e02229.


Core papers of the research group

Balogh, N., Tóthmérész, B., Valkó, O., Deák, B., Tóth, K., Molnár, Zs., Vadász, Cs., Tóth, E., Kiss, R., Sonkoly, J., Antal, K., Tüdősné Budai, J., Miglécz, T. & Kelemen, A. (2021) Consumption rate and dietary choice of cattle in species-rich mesic grasslands. Tuexenia 41, 395-410.

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Borza, S.Godó, L., Csathó, A.I., Valkó, O. & Deák, B. (2021) A közúti közlekedés természetkárosító hatása a magyarországi gerincesfaunára - Szakirodalmi áttekintés. Természetvédelmi Közlemények 27, 1-17.

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Deák, B. & Báthori, F., Lőrinczi, G., Végvári, Z., Nagy D., D., Mizser, S., Torma, A., Valkó, O. & Tóthmérész, B. (2021) Functional composition of ant assemblages in habitat islands is driven by habitat factors and landscape composition. Scientific Reports 11, 20962.

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Other papers with contributions from our group

Biurrun, I., Burrascano, S., Dembicz, I., Guarino. R., Kapfer, J., Pielech, R., Garcia-Mijangos, I., Wagner, V., Palpurina, S., Mimet, A., Pellissier, A., Marcenò, C., Nowak, A., Bergamini. A., Boch, S., Csergő, A.-M., Grytnes, J.-A., Campos, J.A., Erschbamer, B., Jiménez-Alfaro, B., Zygmunt Kącki, Z., Kuzemko, A., Manthey, M., van Meerbeek, K., Swacha, G., Afif, E., Alatalo, J.M., Aleffi, M., Babbi, M., Bátori, Z., Belonovskaya, E., Berg, C., Bhatta, K.P., Cancellieri, L., Ceulemans, T., Deák, B., ..., Kelemen, A., ..., Valkó, O., ... & Dengler, J. (2021) Benchmarking plant diversity of Palaearctic grasslands and other open habitats. Journal of Vegetation Science 32, e13050.

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Core papers of the research group

Bátori, Z., Kiss, P.J., Tölgyesi, C., Deák, B., Valkó, O., Török, P., Erdős, L., Tóthmérész, B. & Kelemen, A. (2020) River embankments mitigate the loss of grassland biodiversity in agricultural landscapes. River Research and Applications 36, 1160-1170. 

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Other papers with contributions from our group

Bátori Z., Lőrinczi G., Tölgyesi C., Módra G., Juhász O., Aguilon D. J., Vojtkó A., Valkó O., Deák B., Erdős L. & Maák I.E. (2020) Karstic Microrefugia Host Functionally Specific Ant Assemblages. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 8, 613738.

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