Conference about Asian Grasslands


The Eurasian Dry Grassland Group organized its first thematic international conference dedicated specifically to Asian grasslands, in an online format, between 19-21 April 2022.

The conference lasts for three days, and in three parallel sections, lectures focus on the grasslands of Asia, with a special emphasis on biodiversity, ecology, syntaxonomy, taxonomy, botany, zoology and many other topics. The program sounds very exciting!

Members of our research group participate as organizers and/or presenters at the conference. We present the following two lectures:

Valkó, O., Tölgyesi, C., Kelemen, A., Bátori, Z., Gallé, R., Rádai, Z., Bragina, T.M., Deák, B.: Small natural and anthropogenic features as biodiversity hotspots in the steppe: marmot burrows and burial mounds in Kazakhstan

Deák, B., Bede, Á., Rádai, Z., Tóth, C., Dózsai, J., Dembicz, I., Moysienko, I.I., Sudnik-Wójcikovska, B., Apostolova, I., Nehrizov, G., Lisetskii, F., Burinchik, S.A., Buryak, A.Z, Kis, S., Borza, S., Godó, L., Gallé, R., Batáry, P., Bragina, T.M., Smelansky, I., Molnár, Á., Bán, M., Báthori, F., Árgay, Z., Dani, J., Valkó, O.: Legacy of prehistoric civilisations strengthens the system of protected areas: A global synthesis of conservation role of steppic burial mounds

Besides the presentations, Orsolya Valkó takes part in the 'Meet the Editor' session, where she introduces the journals Biological Conservation and Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution and the conference special issue in the journal Hacquetia.