Seed Biology conference in Paris


The ISSS (International Society for Seed Science) international conference was recently held in Paris at the Sorbonne University. Seven members of our research group attended the event and presented seven posters.

We presented the following posters at the conference:Sándor Borza et al.: Conservation values, ecosystem services, and disservices related to a large iconic bird species
Balázs Deák et al.: Establishment gaps in species-poor grasslands: sowing diverse seed mixtures and small-scale sward disturbance support the colonization of target species
Laura Godó et al.: Owl-mediated diploendozoochorous seed dispersal increases dispersal distance and supports seedling establishment
Réka Kiss et al.: Timing seed-sowing of grasses and forbs can support grassland restoration
Katalin Lukács et al.: Human-vectored seed dispersal: A potential threat to the flora of protected areas
Ágnes Tóth et al.: Vertical distribution of soil seed bank and the ecological importance of deeply buried seeds in alkaline grasslands
Orsolya Valkó et al.: Laundry washing can increase the dispersal efficiency of cloth-dispersed seeds.