The week in a nutshell: conferences on conservation biology, landscape ecology and archaeology


After three years, it was a real pleasure to finally attend conferences in person and to meet with colleagues who we haven't met for a long time. The last part of August was especially intensive and exciting as we attended/will attend in total four conferences :) And now we are very much looking forward to the two forthcoming conferences in Spain in September.

In a chronological order, we attended/will attend the following meetings in the past days

- European Congress for Conservation Biology, Prague: the biggest conference of the European conservation biologist community, with great talks, great symposia and of course great other programs. Balázs Deák was a member of the scientific committee and he also organized a thematic symposium entitled 'Synergy between nature and culture: the role of historical and sacred natural sites in biodiversity conservation'. This gap-filling symposium was very interesting and gave a great overview on this very important but less known topic. Besides, members of our group participated in the conference with oral presentations and speed presentations.

- Hungarian Conservation Biology Conference, Pécs: right after the European conference, we went to the Hungarian one, which had also great talks, and great programs. With Katalin Török we organized a roundtable discussion entitled 'From where to where we transfer propagules in grassland restoration?'. We had a very lively discussion about this controversiary topic. Besides, our group participated at the conference with several posters and the talk of Katalin Lukács.

- Hungarian Conference on Landscape Ecology, Nádudvar: Parallel with the above two conferences, there was another interesting Hungarian conference, on which Sándor Borza from our group participated with a presentation and a poster.

- Annual Meeting of the European Archaeological Association, Budapest: the largest European archaeological conference is also running this week. From our group, Balázs Deák and Ádám Bede will participate with one presentation and one poster each, in a section dedicated to kurgans.

Group photo at the ECCB conference in Prague
Group photo at the ECCB conference in Prague