Conference of the Czech Botanical Society in Brno


The conference of the Czech Botanical Society was organized in Brno this weekend. It was a very nice and interesting event, and there was a great company and atmosphere :)

We both gave an invited lecture:

Deák, B., Miglécz, T., Lukács, K., Kiss, R., Kelemen, A., Godó, L., Rádai, Z., Borza, S., Tóth, Á., Tóthmérész, B., Valkó, O. (2022): Large-scale restoration on a former military area by soil-filling of bomb craters and seed sowing: vegetation recovery in relation to fine-scale environmental heterogeneity

Valkó, O., Kiss, R., Tóthmérész, B., Miglécz, T., Tóth, K., Török, P., Lukács, K., Godó, L., Körmöczi, Zs., Radócz, Sz., Kelemen, A., Sonkoly, J., Kirmer, A., Tischew, S., Švamberková, E., Deák, B. (2022): Large-scale grassland restoration on former croplands and creating establishment gaps as biodiversity hotspots for improving the diversity of the restored grasslands

We are grateful for the invitation and hospitality, especially to Ivana Jongepierová and Karel Prach :)